Unleash Your Potential

There is a significant power unleveraged in most organizations today. And it's not based on their innovation, technological advancement, or capital investment, but simply how the business  is run - organizational design and alignment of functions; meeting frequency, attendance, and content; metrics, evaluation of performance, and incentivization; talent management with all of its aspects… the list continues.

How is there so much opportunity in such fundamental and universal aspects of doing business? With the continuous improvement systems established in most organizations, with the talent and drive of the leaders we’ve so carefully identified and trained, how could such significant potential remain untapped? In a word: Integration.

The cross-functional (or cross-project, or cross-product) nature of these opportunities - ironically, the same thing that makes them so universal to start with - makes it hard for most leaders in the organization to effectively address them. Internal CI systems are comparable in their limitation, often simplified for mass deployment resulting in generic, tool-based approaches that lack the structure and controls to handle this kind of opportunity. As a result, this potential is ignored as lower-impact, lower-payback initiatives are pursued.

The greatest business opportunities today require integrated solutions that complement the programs they affect, creating a system stronger than the sum of its parts. I specialize in the design and deployment of business management systems and programs that achieve this goal. Read more about me and the services I provide, or contact me for more information.


My Not-So-Official Bio

I’m kind of obsessed with how things work. From the old machinery  I “dissected” as a farm kid in southern MB to the gas turbines I began my career on, to the code I had to look up and learn to make this paragraph stay where I wanted it, I’ve always been drawn to what makes things tick.

I’ve been fortunate to work in several roles, functions, and levels of management across different industries, countries, and cultures, and that exposure has only deepened my fascination. While mechanical and logical systems are intriguing, they can’t begin to compare with business management systems and, most of all, the people element within those systems. When you have an intrinsic dissatisfaction with knowing what will happen unless you also understand why and how it will happen, applying those same principles to the “people” side of system and program design can quietly evolve from a mild obsession to a lifelong passion. But that’s where I am today; I should start with the path that led here.

I grew up the oldest child on a farm, doing a lot of typical farm stuff. I rode horses, helped in the field, could drive a standard by age 7, and was involved in building, tearing down, or fixing something on a weekly basis. After high school I moved to Winnipeg, and with a couple of years of technical training started my career working on gas turbines (aircraft engines) at StandardAero.

I was given several unique opportunities early in my career and took every one I could, accumulating half a dozen titles working with a range of departments and leaders in my 12.5 years at StandardAero. The highlight for me was a 3-year stint with Enterprise Services, a consulting branch that was just starting up, working on a massive transformation project on Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City. The work was intense and the hours insane, but it was undoubtedly what led me down the path I’ve taken since.

The clincher of my current-day addiction took place in 2013. Working for McCain Foods and implementing a new site Management Operating System (MOS), we underwent a few leadership changes in close succession. I remember noticing how drastically management dynamics were affected, even within a model specifically designed to promote consistency. I knew I needed to better understand that behaviour, and – based largely on my commute at the time – I eventually discovered audio books. Over the next 18 months I consumed more than 3 dozen of them, many several times, with the vast majority focused on behavioural economics, organizational psychology, and anything relating to the people side of design and deployment strategy. I became equally drawn to psychometrics and reviewed every model I could, building workshops and activities around them whenever possible. The collective impact of this learning has altered my approach to coaching and training, organizational design, talent management, and virtually every other aspect of my work in some way.

In 2015 I relocated to Airdrie, AB, where I currently live with my wife Michelle and children Kyle, Sean, and Lara. I continue to work on management systems, program design and deployment, and a range of other activities as new opportunities become available. I’m lucky to feel this kind of passion for a field that’s absolutely universal, and it allows me to continue studying, learning, and growing in virtually any role or environment. As careers go, what more can you ask for?


Tailored Solutions

No matter what the overarching goal, each organization and every situation will drive their own specialized requirements, and to be effective services must be customized. My diverse background including Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Operations Excellence, and Program Management with experience across multiple functions and industries have made me uniquely qualified to provide these kinds of flexible and culturally-aligned services.

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements, or check out these general service categories for additional information:


Different objectives require leadership in different ways – the “objective outsider” guiding a project team, an acting functional manager spearheading change within an existing group, or hundreds of other unique requirements – but all require leadership. Whatever your need, I bring a successful track record of more than 12 years providing motivational leadership and performance management to diverse, cross-functional teams of 2 to 50 or more, with or without a formal reporting relationship.

Coaching & Mentoring
Like leadership, coaching and mentoring can take many forms: with a dedicated resource  or provided in tandem with other services, working 1:1 or with a group, focusing horizontally across a specific level of the organization or vertically within a function. I’ve delivered coaching for over 10 years, including 3 years in a dedicated role working with US civil service employees on Tinker Air Force Base, and have experience with front-line to executive leadership on technical and process guidance, performance management, and soft skills development.

Training & Development
Investment in personnel through training and development is one of the most positive and powerful strategies an organization can follow – but it can also be a huge expenditure with little return if not implemented properly. Critical activities like leadership development can become check box exercises; we buy a program or run a course and require everyone to attend. While the program may be excellent unto itself there is often no alignment to the organization’s values (stated or demonstrated), evaluation systems, or larger strategy. I bring experience in classroom and on-the-job training design and delivery, but more importantly can help align that training to appropriate business systems and culture to ensure your investment is realized.

One of the most undervalued skills in business today (and as a result, a key driver of lost organizational potential) is the ability to direct and translate the knowledge, capability, and strength of diversity in a room to meaningful and valuable outcomes. We’ve all seen – or worse, been part of – initiatives that had many “good conversations” but ultimately accomplished very little, or meetings that never leveraged the potential of their attendees. I bring over a decade of facilitation experience, regularly utilizing this approach within my leadership and coaching styles, have trained with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and can help to generate deliverables and improve realization of the talent already involved with your projects.

Change Management
As much as we may rationally understand and acknowledge a requirement for change, it can still present significant challenges to performance and become a source of stress for many personnel in the organization. With over 10 years of experience in improvement and compliance projects, business transformations and turnaround initiatives under various methodologies, I understand the change process as well as the impact of deployment strategy to how it is received. I can help to properly structure involvement, training, and communication systems to provide sources of continuity and stability amidst change initiatives.

Quality & Audit Programs
John Ruskin said “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” We will not improve or even sustain the quality of our products or services – and by extension, the success of our organization – without a focused and ongoing commitment. I’ve held multiple quality roles in my career, including Quality Inspector, Internal Auditor, and Quality Systems Manager over a 12 year period in highly regulated aerospace and food manufacturing industries. I’m familiar with QA/QC design and deployment, including documentation control and audit programs to keep your new or existing products and processes on track.

Operational Process Controls
To improve we need to measure, and the right measures will drive the right behaviour. It seems obvious, logical, maybe even easy. Then you end up stuck on a plane, sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours because returning to the gate will hurt a KPI but leaving customers to sweat will not. Then you start to see these examples everywhere… great intentions that have unfortunately driven negative outcomes. Design of metrics and process controls requires careful consideration of all potential outcomes, and the use of balanced scorecards and cascades to understand when pushing one aspect too far begins to hurt another. I’m passionate about OPC both as a means to achieve improvement and a critical aspect of sustaining that improvement, and have found them to be one of the best mechanisms for long-term integration of greater ownership and capability into a team.

From articulation of the organization’s vision and mission to the creation of a plan to fulfill that mission to the organizational structure supporting that plan, your strategy provides the framework and guidance for all activities within the organization. Whether you’re in need of a blank-page planning session or identifying core values in support of a talent management system, I can provide structured workshops and facilitated discussion to help determine, capture, and accurately convey your strategy.

Program Design & Deployment
Where applicable, combining several of the above elements into a comprehensive program with specific goals and deliverables will help create a natural integration between the services and organizational infrastructure involved. Some of the programs I’ve developed through this approach are: Management Operating Systems, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) cycles, Lean Management Systems, and Leadership Development Programs.

Project, Program, Portfolio Management
If initiatives are already identified and your need is organization and strategic alignment of multiple projects and/or programs, I can help. From simple control systems and reporting to full PMO establishment, I’ll provide the experience and oversight required to monitor, guide, control, and ensure project success.

For more information on services and availability, contact me for a free consultation.